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biggest lesson of 2016

a photo of me, a coloring book, and the christmas tree

December Reflections: day 11. My biggest lesson for this year has been one I've cycled through all year long, which is not allowing myself to rest when I need to rest. I realized this weekend that I'm exhausted. I need a vacation- not from work- but from what I expect of myself. I'm giving myself that vacation for the rest of the year. A vacation from feeling like I'm never doing enough, from chasing a feeling of being enough through doing enough. I'm making a commitment to notice when I am doing something just for the sake of...

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The Joy of Saying No

A few months ago, I was invited to be a featured book reviewer for a professional journal.   I agreed, though I wasn't sure I wanted to. Partly I said yes because it seemed like an opportunity-- someone was asking me to write. Also, my default response is yes. I'm not technically allergic to saying no, but I have what might be termed an adverse reaction. I received the book in late spring, with a lovely little post-it note attached that said, "Please email review by Aug. 1." Perfect, I thought. I have the whole summer to write this review....

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