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new print in shop

a photo of a mixed media painting by angela amias

  -from the other side of silence. mixed media on wood panel. 9x12- As I was finishing this painting today and waiting for the title to come to me, these lines from Theodore Roethke's poem, Journey to the Interior were running through my head: On the one side of silence there is no smile; But when I breath with the birds, The spirit of wrath becomes the spirit of blessing, And the dead begin from the dark to sing in my sleep. In other news, I am in the process of setting up my Etsy shop so it will be easier to buy framed originals. I...

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creative discoveries and new prints in my shop

photo of poetry collage

Ok, this may only be exciting to one person (me) but I still have to share. For the last thirteen years, I have experimented with a bazillion ways to combine handwritten or typewritten text with collage in a way that's aesthetically pleasing to me. I've tried printing text on lots of different papers- transparencies, vellum, tissue paper, rice paper, tracing paper, etc. etc.- and I've tried lots of transfer techniques with gel medium and wax and even Chartpak markers (despite the cancer-causing chemical warning- yikes.) None of these methods ever gave me a satisfying result. BUT!...

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       A few photos of a work in progress for December Reflections day 2: light. I finally got back in to my studio today for my first full day of painting in a few weeks. Lately, I've been drawn to explore monochromatic color palettes, as a way to focus more on light and shadow. This one started out with what I felt was a somber mood (or perhaps that was just me picking up on my own somber mood of late) which only intensified as I started shading the face. There's something about the limited color palette and...

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Adding my voice to the #artistsforlove movement- a group of artists, writers, poets, creatives, and lovers of all people who have joined together to express love and solidarity.  The poster is high-resolution and free to download and share. And please join in if you feel called by creating your own poster and sharing it on social media. much love, angela...

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what makes me happy today

I'm back in my studio today for the first time in a few weeks, playing with paint. Lately I've been incorporating some handwriting into the first few layers of my paintings- I like the way it brings a little of my daily journaling practice into my painting practice. Something that's been on my mind and in my heart over the last month is seeking more connectedness with others, letting myself be seen, opening my heart- essentially being REAL. As I was writing on my painting, I was overcome by a sense of connection with, and immense love...

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more experiments with encaustic wax

Two things I've recently discovered that I love (yes, this is getting to be a long list): 1. making art on my iPad with the app Procreate and 2. encaustic medium.  As it turns out, these two things love each other as well- or at least, I love them together. The wax softens the digital paintings and blurs some of the crisp lines, which I like. The first is a self-portrait as the original digital painting. And below, after I've printed it, adhered it to a wood panel, and covered in encaustic medium. I went through the...

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my face

[caption id="attachment_907" align="alignnone" width="640"] I often use works in progress as my iPhone background, just to help me see anything I want to change about the piece. Since my most recent work is a self-portrait, it comes as a little shock every time I look at my phone and see my own face looking back at me.[/caption]...

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