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some thoughts

This morning, while preparing a print to ship, I was reminded of why I haven't moved to outsourcing my prints. I just love the look of matted and signed prints, so orderly and clean, ready to be sent off to a new home. I've started putting a little reiki into each print just before I put it into the envelope. I have no proof that this really does anything (though I believe it does); I do it because I love the idea that my artwork emanating good energy to my customers. The other happy part of today was finishing a new digital collage. I've...

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what’s in my head today

I realized today that it’s been exactly four weeks since my last post. This, despite setting a springtime goal of developing a real blogging practice- posting more frequently, writing longer posts, breathing more life into my blog. I had high hopes for this in May and managed a few weeks of posting regularly. But then I went away on a trip for two weeks at the beginning of June and, as always, it’s taken me an equal length of time to settle in to being at home again. So here I am at the end of...

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listening to the heart’s whispers

So this is my year of radical trust. I've been thinking a lot about what this means to me, especially as I've been working on the piece above. Specifically, I've been thinking about how trust and the idea of listening to my heart go together. I probably think about the heart more than the average person (but a lot less than like a heart surgeon or something.) I am a practitioner of HeartMath, a heart-centered meditation style that incorporates heart-rhythm biofeedback. The Institute of HeartMath has collected a lot of fascinating research on the role of the heart as...

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