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This morning, while preparing a print to ship, I was reminded of why I haven't moved to outsourcing my prints. I just love the look of matted and signed prints, so orderly and clean, ready to be sent off to a new home. I've started putting a little reiki into each print just before I put it into the envelope. I have no proof that this really does anything (though I believe it does); I do it because I love the idea that my artwork emanating good energy to my customers. The other happy part of today was finishing a new digital collage. I've...

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creative discoveries and new prints in my shop

photo of poetry collage

Ok, this may only be exciting to one person (me) but I still have to share. For the last thirteen years, I have experimented with a bazillion ways to combine handwritten or typewritten text with collage in a way that's aesthetically pleasing to me. I've tried printing text on lots of different papers- transparencies, vellum, tissue paper, rice paper, tracing paper, etc. etc.- and I've tried lots of transfer techniques with gel medium and wax and even Chartpak markers (despite the cancer-causing chemical warning- yikes.) None of these methods ever gave me a satisfying result. BUT!...

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best decision of 2016

December Reflections: day 15. Without a doubt, the best decision I made this year was attending Alena Hennessy's Soul Painting retreat in September. It was way outside my comfort zone to join a group of women I'd never met for four days of painting side-by-side. It was life-changing and magical. I wrote about it more here. (Photo by Yuli Ama Luna.)...

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5 things about me

photo of affirmation I am open and receptive to extraordinary blessings.

December Reflections: day 7. I ran away from home when I was 17 and- I lived in a boardinghouse in a room with no lock, surrounded by mostly transient men. It never occurred to me to feel scared because it was the safest home I'd ever known. I got pregnant unexpectedly when I was 21 and became a mother a few days before I turned 22 and- At 30, I became a single mother with three children and no work history to speak of. In spite of all of this, I never think of myself...

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best book(s) of 2016

picture of best books of 2016

December Reflections day 5. These are my most favorite books I've read this year- I am in love with each of them, seriously. But especially both of Mark Nepo's books. And Martha Beck's. And Poemcrazy- I love it! And last month, I'd planned to write a blog post all about discovering the book The Renaissance Soul, but I never got around to figuring out exactly what I wanted to say. Here's the story, in a nutshell. I have piles of books in my living room so high they've toppled over more than once this year. I feel a...

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fave photo of 2016

fave photo of 2016 angela amias

  December Reflections day 3: fave photo of 2016. This isn't actually my favorite photo of the year. All my very favorite photos are of my children, who prefer to remain anonymous. I do love this photo of me, taken by my sister at a coffeeshop in Cardiff, Wales. I look so happy. We were spending an afternoon at Coffee Barkers (truly my favorite coffeeshop in the world). She was working on her dissertation and I'd secured a spot on the chesterfield and had spread out my travel art kit and art journal next to me. Usually when...

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on the table

December Reflections On the Table

December Reflections day 1: on the table. Today is the first day of December. And for the last four years, this has meant that it is time for the Lotus and the Lily: a 30 day soul program. This is one of my favorite yearly rituals: I just love ending the year with a month of deep soul journaling, focusing on spirit, self-care, forgiveness, healing, and discovering what my soul is longing for in the year to come. Delicious! Have any end of the year rituals you'd like to share? Leave them in the comments! much love, angela...

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