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photo of poetry collage

Ok, this may only be exciting to one person (me) but I still have to share. For the last thirteen years, I have experimented with a bazillion ways to combine handwritten or typewritten text with collage in a way that's aesthetically pleasing to me. I've tried printing text on lots of different papers- transparencies, vellum, tissue paper, rice paper, tracing paper, etc. etc.- and I've tried lots of transfer techniques with gel medium and wax and even Chartpak markers (despite the cancer-causing chemical warning- yikes.) None of these methods ever gave me a satisfying result. BUT!...

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more experiments with encaustic wax

Two things I've recently discovered that I love (yes, this is getting to be a long list): 1. making art on my iPad with the app Procreate and 2. encaustic medium.  As it turns out, these two things love each other as well- or at least, I love them together. The wax softens the digital paintings and blurs some of the crisp lines, which I like. The first is a self-portrait as the original digital painting. And below, after I've printed it, adhered it to a wood panel, and covered in encaustic medium. I went through the...

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