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new website, new direction

This summer has been rich with deep exploration of my purpose in life and my purpose in my work. Journals have been filled with explorations of the threads connecting my work as an artist and my work as a therapist and how both of these aspects of my work flow directly from my values: connection with others, deep play, self-discovery, creative expression, transformation, beauty, and heart-centered living. A desire has been growing in me for the last several months to create a series of online offerings that bring my heart-centered transformational work to a larger audience....

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fave photo of 2016

fave photo of 2016 angela amias

  December Reflections day 3: fave photo of 2016. This isn't actually my favorite photo of the year. All my very favorite photos are of my children, who prefer to remain anonymous. I do love this photo of me, taken by my sister at a coffeeshop in Cardiff, Wales. I look so happy. We were spending an afternoon at Coffee Barkers (truly my favorite coffeeshop in the world). She was working on her dissertation and I'd secured a spot on the chesterfield and had spread out my travel art kit and art journal next to me. Usually when...

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the joy of purposelessness

I spent this weekend with my best friend and general life co-conspirator. On a whim, we packed up a laundry basket full of art supplies and a bottle of champagne and headed off to a nearby spiritual retreat center. We began the weekend by making a mess. And then we made some art. [caption id="attachment_404" align="aligncenter" width="640"][/caption] And then we had a two-person dance party to end the night. We laughed. We were ridiculously goofy. We took forever to fall asleep because we couldn’t stop giggling. I came home feeling inspired, energized, and happy. And also committed to doing this...

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