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This morning, while preparing a print to ship, I was reminded of why I haven’t moved to outsourcing my prints. I just love the look of matted and signed prints, so orderly and clean, ready to be sent off to a new home. I’ve started putting a little reiki into each print just before I put it into the envelope. I have no proof that this really does anything (though I believe it does); I do it because I love the idea that my artwork emanating good energy to my customers.

a print, ready to mail

The other happy part of today was finishing a new digital collage. I’ve been really wanting to add abstract figures to my digital collages for a while, but hadn’t quite figured (lol) out how to do this in a way that I liked. Until today! This piece was inspired by Tricia Dewey’s Figurescapes class, which just started this week.

a digital collage of three figures

On a separate note, I was looking at my portfolio of paintings from last year and from this year and was struck by the marked shift in the mood of my work. I realized this happened right after the U.S. presidential election. My work has taken on a more somber tone- lots of monochrome, more emotional expression. It was probably inevitable that this would show up in my art as I’ve been strongly affected by US politics of late.

Actually, now that I think more about it, this emotional shift isn’t at all unrelated to the joy I got this morning from packaging my prints. I’ve been taking a lot more pleasure in simple acts that involve order and control (like matting prints) and in acts that involve connected with others (like infusing my prints with reiki.)

One of my biggest sources of solace recently has been meditating with the Insight Timer meditation app. Daily meditation is essential self-care for me. The meditation app is lovely because it allows you to see how many others are meditating all around the world, using the app, at the same time. Today I meditated with over 8,000 other people. The app allows you to send “thanks for meditating with me!” messages to other users which for me has been a delicious serving of hope, love, and peace every morning right after coffee and journaling.

I’d love to hear from you about what your self-care is looking like these days. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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<p>My name is Angela Amias and I am passionate about cultivating a life of joy, appreciation, playfulness, and connection with others. In addition to my interests in blogging, photography, journaling, and travel, I also have a strong interest in mindfulness, meditation, and the use of the creative arts in healing- all practices I put to use in my work as an artist and holistic psychotherapist.</p>

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