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photo of poetry collage

Ok, this may only be exciting to one person (me) but I still have to share. For the last thirteen years, I have experimented with a bazillion ways to combine handwritten or typewritten text with collage in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing to me. I’ve tried printing text on lots of different papers- transparencies, vellum, tissue paper, rice paper, tracing paper, etc. etc.- and I’ve tried lots of transfer techniques with gel medium and wax and even Chartpak markers (despite the cancer-causing chemical warning- yikes.) None of these methods ever gave me a satisfying result. BUT! Yesterday my persistence finally paid off when I discovered how to add handwriting and typewritten poetry to collage digitally with a combination of fabulous iPad apps- none of which existed of course when I started making collage art in 2004.

Be still my heart! I know it’s ridiculous to be this excited but collage and poetry are my first loves. (See #7 in this confessional post.)

Yesterday I wrote about how I’m limiting myself to following four topics of interest at a given time (plus some extras on the side.) I am trying to stick to this as much as possible, to avoid overwhelming myself, but I am feeling the call to delve into writing more poetry and experimenting with poetry therapy. Perhaps when my creative business class is over, I will get back to writing again and playing with blackout poetry.

In the meantime, you can find prints of my poetry collage, along with my recent paintings (featured below) in my print shop here. I’m in the process of creating a shop on Etsy to sell originals. For now, feel free to contact me directly if you’d like to purchase an original.

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My name is Angela Amias and I am passionate about cultivating a life of joy, appreciation, playfulness, and connection with others. In addition to my interests in blogging, photography, journaling, and travel, I also have a strong interest in mindfulness, meditation, and the use of the creative arts in healing- all practices I put to use in my work as an artist and holistic psychotherapist.

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    congrats in finding a way to combine your work!!!!

    February 19, 2017 at 3:47 pm Reply

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