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after a long absence, I return

Goodness gracious, it has been a long time since I’ve posted. When I decided to take a few days off from blogging and social media around the holidays, I certainly didn’t imagine I would be MIA until late February. I don’t think I’d fully grasped the depth of my exhaustion when I first realized I needed a break. I gave myself permission to rest for the remainder of the month, but with all the holiday things, when January came I was still very much in need of more rest.

Now, I’m back. Well rested and with a million new ideas and inspirations. Last fall, I discovered a book for “people with too many passions to pick just one.” The author advises limiting oneself to four areas of focus for a period of time, revisable when needed. This is difficult for me, but I’m trying to stick with it- in January, one of my areas of focus was rest and another was reading (yum.) Now my areas are: 1. Business for Creatives class with Juliette Crane, 2. Trauma-sensitive yoga in therapy training, 3. Learning how to let my heart lead my creativity and 4. Rest (I think I still need to prioritize this one.)

(On the side, I am also taking a year-long portrait drawing and painting class, doing daily yoga, preparing to start yoga teacher training, considering beginning qoya teacher training, getting ready to start hypnotherapy training, thinking about developing an online course combining meditation and creativity, and of course maintaining my daily journaling practice. And making art. I think that’s it 🙂 )

During my December exhaustion (crash? spiritual crisis?), I decided I would let everything I was doing apart from going to work fall away until I could discern whether each activity was something I wanted to be doing or something I felt (for whatever reason) I should do. I stopped making art for a few weeks, until I could feel how much I missed it. And I missed my blog too, though it took longer for the voice of “you should, you should” to quiet down enough for me to sense the longing. I anticipate some changes will unfold here as a result of the creative business class- in the look of my blog and how and when I blog and what I write about. But it feels good to be back. It feels good to have missed being here in my little corner of the internet with you.

much love,


p.s. some scenes from my absence.

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My name is Angela Amias and I am passionate about cultivating a life of joy, appreciation, playfulness, and connection with others. In addition to my interests in blogging, photography, journaling, and travel, I also have a strong interest in mindfulness, meditation, and the use of the creative arts in healing- all practices I put to use in my work as an artist and holistic psychotherapist.

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