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5 things about me

photo of affirmation I am open and receptive to extraordinary blessings.

December Reflections: day 7.

  1. I ran away from home when I was 17 and-
  2. I lived in a boardinghouse in a room with no lock, surrounded by mostly transient men. It never occurred to me to feel scared because it was the safest home I’d ever known.
  3. I got pregnant unexpectedly when I was 21 and became a mother a few days before I turned 22 and-
  4. At 30, I became a single mother with three children and no work history to speak of.
  5. In spite of all of this, I never think of myself as brave.

p.s. I believe in angels.

much love,




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My name is Angela Amias and I am passionate about cultivating a life of joy, appreciation, playfulness, and connection with others. In addition to my interests in blogging, photography, journaling, and travel, I also have a strong interest in mindfulness, meditation, and the use of the creative arts in healing- all practices I put to use in my work as an artist and holistic psychotherapist.

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