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a Kansas City love-bombing, micro-poetry adventure

So, this is what I’ve been doing the last few days with my best friend and general co-conspirator, M.

We hatched an idea for a spreading love and joy and beauty (aka what I’m now calling *love-bombing*) by leaving micro-poetry fortune cookies in public places for people to find. We chose Kansas City as our first city to love-bomb, why? Because we LOVE Kansas City (and, also, my fabulous cousin happens to be getting married here this weekend.)

Using prints of my paintings for the paper to make the cookies and lines of poetry I’ve written, (M. used decorative paper and affirmations), we began by making a mess.

creating micro-poetry fortune cookies

creation of micro-poetry fortune cookies

they looked so pretty all piled up together.

with the last of her meager paper hearts

micro-poetry fortune cookies

A trip to Kansas City always involves a visit to Cafe Gratitude.

long after the sky longed for their faces

and the art supply store.

on her tongue, the taste of salt, salt and bald surrender

Our last stop for the evening was a wine bar in Westport.

wild came back to her in a cheap hotel

Suggestions for future cities to love-bomb? Leave them in the comments! And if you made your way here after finding one of my micro-poetry fortune cookies, I’d love to hear from you too.

much love,




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